MCB- (Miniature Circuit Breaker) Short Circuit & Overload  Switching Device.
MCCB– (Moulded case Circuit Breaker) Totally insulated Air Circuit Breaker
MPCB– (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker) Short ckt Switching Device for the protection of motors.
RCCB– (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) is a Leakage Current Sensing Device used to protect a Low                 Voltage Circuit in case of a current flowing through a abnormal path towards earth.
RCBO– Combination of MCB & RCCB.
2)Overload Protection:
Overload protection is protecting a motor , a device or a power circuit from increase in the normal sinusoidal current due to increase in mechanical or electrical load. It detects and protect the equipment from external abnormal condition and can be called as mechanical abnormality detector.
MCB: Present
MCCB: Present
MPCB: Present
RCCB: Asent
RCBO: Present