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Introduction to Electrical Machines

Electrical Machines can be classified into two main Categories:
1) Static Electrical Machines: Transformers
2) Rotating Electrical Machines

Rotating Electrical Machines can be classified into two main categories:
1) Single Excited: Induction Motor which has Three Phase Stator Winding and works on Three Phase AC Supply.
2) Doubly Excited Rotating Machines

Doubly Excited Rotating Machines can be classified into following Main Types:
1) DC Motors
2) Synchronous Motors & Synchronous Generator (Alternator)

DC Motors

Two Main Types of DC Motors are as below:
1) Self Excited DC Motors: Shunt, Series & Compound.
2) Seperately Excited DC Motors

1) Two Point Starters
2) Three Point Starters
3) Four Point Starters

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